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Bluebirds are sweet little North American birds that are members of the thrush family.  They are among the most loved songbirds with their cheerful cher-weet cher-weet song.  Bluebird are symbols of cheer and happiness, and they have been used in songs, poems, and cartoons.

The eastern bluebird is about 7 inches long and found all over eastern North America.  It is the state bird of New York.  Males have a blue back and a chestnut orange breast.  Females are a blue-gray and chestnut.  The birds will nest in a hollow tree, tree cavity, or a birdhouse.  Nests are mostly made of pine needles, fine grass, hair, and small feathers. Females lay 4 to 7 eggs that are white or pale blue.  They usually spend winters in the South.  They are beneficial to gardeners and farmers because they eat harmful insects.  Bluebirds also eat berries and fruits.

The western bluebird is very similar to the eastern, and they are found from British Columbia to California, and east to Nevada and Idaho.  The mountain bluebird is found from central Canada to New Mexico and from the western edge of the Great Plains to the Pacific coast.  The mountain bluebird is the state bird of Idaho and Nevada.

How To Attract BlueBirds

Attract some bluebirds with a nest box or appropriate sized birdhouse.  Also, put out some chopped fruits and berries, suet, and meal worms.  Its a treat to have bluebirds around your home.  Their cheerful song and natural beauty are a nice addition to any property.



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