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Mange caused by mites is called dermodectic mange.  Scabies is the mange caused by some weird bugs that hop from one animal onto your dog.  Mite mange, or dermodectic mange, is nasty because hairless spots, pimples, and oozing skin, and itching.  Scabies, the second type of mange, just make a dog itch and itch and itch.

1.  It May Go Away:  The mange caused by those pesky mites just may go away on its own if your dog is a young one.  Give the mange thing a month to go away when a young pup is the victim.  See your vet if mange is still a problem after a month.  Older dogs with mange caused by mites, or scabies,  should be checked out right away so that they can be treated.

2.  Dip Him:  The mange caused by bugs other than mites can be killed with a special dip.  You vet can recommended the dip you will douse your dog with to help with the problem.  A prescription dip, Mitaban Dip is a prescription mange treatment for pets that your vet may want you to use.  Follow the directions for the mange dip outlined on the label.  Use a cat dip for cats, and use a dog dip for dogs, and do not mix them up.

3.  Check the Other Guys:  If you have other fur babies running around the house, check them for the contagious scabies too.  Oh, mites like to hop on other pets, so do not let your pet hang with a those felines or canines that have hairless areas on their bodies and scratching far too much.

4.  Wash the Mites Away:  Most mites are good hoppers.  That means they hop on your pets bed, the floor surrounding your pets bed, the couch he likes to chill on, and anywhere else your pet likes to sit a spell.  Wash all those areas that might be mite-filled.

5.  Fat May Work:  Ask your veterinarian to recommend one of the fatty-acid supplements that you can find in pet stores.  Fatty-acid supplements are often used to treat disorders of the skin.

6.  Soothe the Itch:  Ask your veterinarian for an antihistamine that would provide itch relief.

7.  Clean as Can Be Pets Usually Remain Mange-Free:  If you do not want your pet to get mange in the first place, then brush your pet every single day and give him regular baths.  Even if your pet has mange, brush him to remove the scabs of scaly skin.  A clean pet is a healthier pet.

8.  Give Him the Best:  Mites and other pests seem to like hosts that are not in the best shape nutritionally.  Ask your vet to recommend the most nutritious pet food on the market to keep your pet mange free.

9.  No Huggy-Kissy Stuff Yet:  Give your pet the dip treatment mentioned in tip #2 before you give him some hands-on loving, or you will be buggy too.

10.  Do Not Use a Home Remedy:  One home remedy for mange recommends using motor oil to douse your mangy pet.  Nope, do not do that.  First of all, that home remedy does not work, and of course, most pets will try to lick that danger-filled oil right off.