Dogs Body Signals
Dogs Body Signals
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How to Read a Dogs Body Signals

1. Pretty Happy Dog:  A dogs body that is free of tension indicates a happy pup.  A happy and alert dog will carry its tail nicely.  The dog will move about freely and hold its head high.  The dog may even have its tongue hanging out a bit and its jaws will be relaxed.

2. Play with Me Dog:  I love it when a dog dips the front of its body to assume a crouch position.  That dog wants to play!  A dog that is ready for a good play session will let loose some yips and barks.  Sometimes, a dog that wants to play will emit high-pitched growls that roll.  Raising one paw, leaning to one side, and having its head almost on the ground are signs that play is a big-time want indeed!  A dog that wants to play will sometimes jump backward and look up at its owner with jaws that are relaxed.

3.  Submissive Dog:  A lower crouch than the play crouch indicates submission in a dog.  The dog still wants to play, and it may raise its front feet a bit.  The dogs teeth will be hidden.  The dog who assumes a submissive stance usually will not emit any sounds.  A dog may crouch even lower and lick a bit.  A submissive dog will turn on its side often and present its flank.

4.  Total Submissive Dog:  A dogs ears will be folded down when it is completely submissive.  The dogs tail will drop down and the tail will fold around one of the dogs legs.  If a dog is extremely nervous, it will tuck its tail right under.  The dog will avoid eye contact by keeping its head down.  When a dog rolls over, it has demonstrated the final stage of submission.  If a dog is not rolling over on its back due to fear, the dog will raise its ears a bit to indicate trust.