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Red ear slider turtles got their name because they have red ears and they slide off land into water. They used to be called dime store turtles many years ago, because baby red ear slider turtles were sold in dime stores for a small price.

The turtles live on land and in water. They bask in streams from Illinois clear down to the gulf of Mexico.

If you want a slider turtle as a pet, I will give you pointers on how to get one and take care of it. Turtles are sold in local pet stores all across America.

First off, you will need anti chlorine drops to put the turtle in water, since tap water has chlorine in it and the turtle will die in the chlorine.  They are in local pet stores. Ask your friendly sales person to help you find some. Next, you will need to get the food. Turtles eat gold fish, guppies or pellets made out of fish. You decide what to get as food for it.

Next, you will need to get something for the turtle to sit on. Find a big rock or a brick. Ask your friendly sales person to help you find one.

You will need a twenty gallon tank for your turtle. Be careful. Twenty gallon tanks are bulky so have a friend help you carry it.

Now, you are ready for the turtle. Male turtles have long claws, while female turtles have short claws. Red ear slider turtles dont bite, but they hiss. Have your friendly sales person get the turtle of your choice out of the fish tank. Dont worry. Red ear slider turtles only cost in the twenty dollar range.

Now, you are ready to take your new pet home. When you get home, instantly fill the tank with tap water one eighth of the way and right away put anti chlorine drops in it. Just a few drops will do. Next, put in something for them to sit on. And finally, put the turtle in. Give turtle fresh food.

You will have to clean out the tank every day. Simply put the turtle in a bucket of water and put in those drops. Next, take out the rock or brick and scoop out the water. Add Luke warm water, always. If you give turtle hot water, the turtle will die. If you give the turtle cold water, the turtle will hibernate. Always give them tepid water OK? When the tank has fresh water, put in those drops and put in its something to sit on and put the turtle back in the tank. Always wash your hands after handling a turtle.

Give your turtle toys to play with. Sticks are your best bet. Just put them in the tank and your turtle will have a ball playing with them.

And you got yourself a new little buddy!